We cultivate a rhythm of worship, prayer, biblical living, and community into our daily life. Within this framework, we experience the reality of God's love and truth that continually draws us near to him. We also learn how a biblical relationship with Jesus is possible even in the busyness of daily living. So what does this framework look like...?


There are many expressions of worship but what they all have in common is that they are responses to who God is and what he has done. We center our personal and corporate life in God so that all of who we are become an expression of worship. Therefore, worship encompasses every aspect of our daily life and activities. On Sundays, we gather to worship as a church with songs, Scripture and prayer.


Just as we get to know another person by communicating over the phone or spending time together, we can know God through prayer. Through prayer, we continually cultivate personal and corporate relationship with God and experience how much he loves us. When we pray, God miraculously and graciously changes our situations and us. As we pray, we also receive God's love for others. We receive his heart for the world.


Scripture teaches us to know and love God. Because of this relationship, we can also know and love one another. Biblical living is about our lives being shaped by God's love in his faithfulness and truth as we live in Christian identity and power. As we become rooted in Scripture, our lives increasingly reflect Jesus and his love for others.


God has given us a church community where we love, encourage and enjoy one another. We experience God's presence and power as we spur each other on toward Christian maturity. Together, we endeavor to embody and proclaim faith, hope and love to all. We rejoice with those who respond to God's love to be a part of our church life.